Richard C. Allen

1948 – 2020

Celebration of Life

Saturday, May 15, 2021, 1:00 – 4:00 pm

This Day is For
telling stories
making music
blowing bubbles

love is the highest high and the lowest low… appreciate all that you have while you still have it… nothing is guaranteed another tomorrow… except your soul… So make love be the object of your existence and never hold back

A five minute poem by Richie Allen

I am healthy & comfortable in my small house. I have room for a garden of food, flowers, music & meditation.
It is a place for friends & family to gather for fun & enlightenment.
Everyone looks forward to visiting… even when I am home!!
We enjoy & engage in nature & art & surround ourselves with others that feel the same.
Life is simple, time is abundant
and love is free for everyone.

— Richie’s visualization of his ideal future, written 12/27/2011

Protective masks worn over mouth and nose will be required for the in-person celebration.

“I’ll Put It In A Pink Bubble”

You might have heard Richie say “I’ll put in a pink bubble for you” and wondered what in god’s name he was talking about.

This comes from a chapter in the book Creative Visualization he read around 1985. He was envisioning specific good things to become reality for you. Read more about pink bubbles.

Paragliding at Torrey Pines, San Diego

Richie lived in San Diego in the 1990s and had always wanted to paraglide from the cliffs at Torrey Pines, in La Jolla, San Diego. He shot the video above from his phone when he finally went back and did it, within a few months after his retirement at age 66.

In Lieu of Flowers

Christopher Newport University
John L. Allen, Jr. Theatre Scholarship

Richie loved theatre, and also loved his brother John and wife Mary.

John was president of the Christopher Newport University Theatre Guild, and Mary was one of its founders. The John L. Allen, Jr. Theatre Scholarship is named after him. It supports a freshman or sophomore studying theatre tech and design who “exhibits dedication, reliability and a capacity for developing theater artistry.” 

To donate,
Send a check payable to
CNU Education Foundation
write John L. Allen Scholarship in the memo.

Mail to
CNU Education Foundation
c/o Kim Hinson
1 Avenue of the Arts
Newport News, VA 23606

The Courthouse Players

Richie performed in his first play, Inherit the Wind, in 1988 with The Courthouse Players, staged inside and around a real courthouse in Gloucester, VA. For more than 20 years, he performed, built sets, hung lights, directed and eventually became president of The Courthouse Players. 

Donate to The Courthouse Players, online or by mail, from their site.

Richie’s Life and Passing

Richard “Richie” Clarence Allen, 72, passed away Saturday, October 24, doing something he loved – camping in the mountains. A lifelong resident of Newport News and Gloucester, Richie loved music, comedy, theater, and telling and hearing hilarious stories. He graduated from Newport News High School and served with the US Coast Guard during the Vietnam Conflict. In remembering his service, he often reflected on the brilliance of the stars in the night sky and beauty of the vast ocean, even during times of trouble. Following his service, he had a long career in the Newport News Shipyard, working in various departments, with his favorite being retirement.

Richie had experienced personal loss and sadness, but he liked to focus on the amazing and wonderful things in life. For 20 years, he acted with, directed, supported and eventually led the Gloucester theatre group “The Courthouse Players.” His role as The Cowardly Lion was a particular favorite among his friends and the children in his community. Whether acting, playing softball, jamming with musicians, delighting in nature, or embarking on epic trips and adventures, he enjoyed being with friends and family, and always followed his heart.
Read his full obituary…

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